Saturday, April 19, 2014
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SPDAP Subsidies

Premium Subsidy
  • SPDAP will pay up to $40.00 per month for a member’s Medicare Rx prescription drug plan premium, as long as the individual is enrolled in an approved Medicare prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage prescription drug plan. There are 56 different prescription benefit plans and Medicare Advantage drug plan options from which to choose. A complete list of Stand Alone Plans may be found here. Follow this link for a complete list of Medicare Advantage Plans.
Coverage Gap (Doughnut Hole) Subsidy
  • If the plan you have elected to enroll in is one of the plans that is administering the SPDAP Coverage Gap subsidy your prescription costs during the coverage gap or "doughnut hole" will be 5% co-insurance on the total prescription cost plus the non-formulary drug cost. The remaining cost of your prescription will be covered by, any supplemental covrage offered by your plan, any applicable Federal Drug Discount, with the remainder being paid by SPDAP.


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